Glasgow is one of the easiest airports to arrive into. But there is one quirky thing – ok actually 2 quirky things:
1) You may exit from the back of the plane so if you’re paying extra to sit up front, then you might be the last one off the plane. But this means you’re the last one on the bus. What bus?
2) You deplane down a stairway that might be outside. Then you board a bus to take you to the terminal. So check the weather before you depart, because you might need a jacket or a raincoat before you get to your luggage.  Then if you get on the bus last, you’ll actually get off first to go into the terminal.

Ok, on to how easy it is to get around Glasgow airport.  When you come out of International Arrivals, in front of you will be Starbucks and to the left of that is the sign for Taxis. You can use a credit card for the taxi, but if you want to get cash – there are ATM’s right where you come out of the international arrivals.  If you’re looking at Starbucks and the Taxi sign, turn around and look behind you – the ATMs are on the wall.  And you’ll also see the sign for the Toilets.  This area right outside of International Arrivals is also where your driver will greet you if you have arranged for a private transfer.

Yes, in the UK they call them toilets or WC for water closet.  If you have heartburn asking where the toilet is, you can ask for the Ladies/Mens room instead.


When you get outside, look to the right and you’ll see a “taxi queue.”  It has winding lines kind of like Disney World.  When you get to the front of the line, a taxi will pull up and you tell them where you want to go.  I was told the taxis at the airport are all vans now and they take both cash and credit card.