Piper’s Tryst from Queen Street Station

There are several ways to get from Queen Street Station to Piper’s Tryst Hotel.  It’s 10 minutes on the Subway, or 13 minutes to walk – if you go their way.  Or there is a taxi stand right across the street from the Carlton George Hotel, so you can just take a taxi if you don’t want to do the navigation on your own.

See Map:

When you come out of the train station, you’ll be right in front of Larua Ashley.   If you want to take a cab, the taxi stand (where they queue up) is right across the street from here.

If you want to walk

I would go up Buchanan Street, over Sauchiehall Street and up Hope Street.  When you get up to the top of the hill of Hope Street- it dead ends at the Piper’s Tryst Hotel.


Go right past the Carlton George Hotel and turn right on Buchanan Street.  Follow that up the hill past Buchanan Galleries, and turn left before you run into the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

You are now on Sauchiehall Street.  Follow that until you see the Watt store and turn right on Hope Street.  This is where all of the good shopping is (further down Sauchiehall and all along here), but I would recommend lugging your suitcase up the hill to the hotel and drop it off before you go shopping.

Go past Molly Malones Original Irish Pub (what?  How did I miss that when I was there?), then on past the Citizen M hotel and the Theatre Royal, then you’ll see the Piping Center and the Piper’s Tryst Hotel is just to the right of it.

This big glass thing is the Citizen M (see the pink M on the lower right) and the Theater Royal is the white building on the right in the distance.

Piping Center and Piper’s Tryst Hotel with the light green chairs.

If you want to take the Subway

(why?  because it’s easy and fun – and it could be raining buckets – but then you might want to take a cab) you take the Buchanan exit from the Queen Street Station and make a right and follow the signs to the Subway.

Take the subway to the Cowcaddens Subway Stop.  When you come up from the underground, it can be confusing as to which direction is which.  Go this way:



Go down this little street toward the tall white building.

Go to the left of the tall building.

Then go right when you get past it and you’ll see the square tower of the Piping Center.


This is the view from the front of the Piping Center (with the big square tower) and the Piper’s Tryst Hotel is just beyond that with the green chairs out front.