Getting around Edinburgh

There are multiple ways to get from the Edinburgh airport to the city center:
1) Take a cab. This is the easiest but most expensive option – it will be about £20 but this does “not include any waiting time or parking charges”.
2) Take Uber. If you are already an Uber user, the same app works in Scotland. If you are not already using Uber, I wouldn’t advise using it for the first time over seas. (Every time I used it over there, they called me to verify where to pick me up. This incurred charges on my mobile phone.) Here is a website Uber EDI that tells you where and how to get picked up by Uber at the Edinburgh Airport.
3) Take the Tram for £5.50. It depends on how tired you are when you get to the airport. If you are groggy, just pay for the cab or Uber. I personally prefer the Tram, but it is a bit of a walk and you need to buy a ticket at a kiosk before boarding the tram. “Ticket vending machines accept most debit and credit cards (£3 minimum spend) as well as 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2 coins. No change is given.”
4) Or you can take the Airlink Bus for £4.50 to the train station.  You’ll have to ask how to get to Haymarket Station if that is your destination

The signage over there is really good. (I get annoyed when I’m back here and have to ask directions.)

Catching the Train at Haymarket Station Edinburgh to get to Queen Street Station in Glasgow

This is really easy because the tram lets you off right in front of the train station is which above ground and not very busy.

Inside the Haymarket Station in Edinburgh, buy tickets from a person through the glass doors,

or you can get coffee and buy tickets from the vending machines.