In the picture above – my husband brought a full size tube of tooth paste.  As you can see, it takes up almost the entire side of the sink.

It’s a good idea to buy or use small bottles for all of your supplies like toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, foundation. Guys, same goes for you. You should be looking for sample sizes of deodorant, shaving supplies, etc. It makes packing easier plus the sinks in Europe and the UK are small. They are usually pedestal sinks with not much room to put your supplies. And if you leave your shampoo in the shower, it’s not a big loss.

I used to use a contact lens case for my face lotion but I had to use something a bit larger so I changed it to a small pill container for this 4 week trip.  And here is my makeup case.  It’s not much longer than a tube of mascara.  Then I have this tiny bottle that I put my foundation in.



And speaking of bathrooms, you cannot plug the hair dryer in to a socket in the bathroom. Many of the bedrooms have mirrors in them, but you’ll have to find a socket next to a mirror which is not always easy. So if you have to dry your hair while looking in the mirror, you might want to pack a hand mirror or buy a UK extension cord when you get there.

And for hairdryers, the best one we had was one that had a switch on it that you moved manually to switch it between 110 and 220 volts (but you had to have a penny handy). It got old and when we tried to use a regular one from here – over there even with a converter – it burned up. So we just ended up buying a mini hair dryer in Glasgow (great shopping there). 


Also the UK has different electrical plugs – you will need an adapter.  Here is Rick Steves’ write up about it.  Here is a good link for UK and Irish electrical plugs (be sure to read the reviews before buying):

If you need a curling iron, it is permissible to bring a butane one as carry-on – read the rules here:  I would recommend trying it at home first, read the reviews and be careful using them- I read about one that someone complained burned her hair.  

On the Outlander Immersion Tours: The tour bus you will be riding in is a 9 passenger van. I took this picture in Inverness trying to get a picture of the square as my husband was driving by it. This van got in the way. Hugh says it is the same make and model as his but it is the wrong color. So as you can see, it is just a van – there is good leg room in the seats, but there is not a lot of room for luggage – it goes in the back behind the 3rd row of seats. So please be considerate of your fellow passengers and try to pack as light as possible. Also the driver from Inverness Tours is a tour guide and not a porter, so you will be carrying your own luggage.