Hi, my name is Kathie and my passion is to help people enjoy Ireland and Scotland as much as I do. I been to Ireland 10 times and Scotland 6 (and counting for both). My pictures are here: https://ahpinc.smugmug.com/CelticTi… I want to share my knowledge and advice about what to see, how to see it and when to see it. What’s important is –> the answer to those 3 questions varies according to each individual and their tastes and preferences. I will work with you to help you design the best possible trip for YOU.
Please don’t go over there and run from site-to-site-to-site! Ireland and Scotland have a pace that helps you enjoy life. Enjoy a Guinness. Enjoy a whisky (that’s what they call Scotch in Scotland – or more specifically “malt whisky” or if you’re a purist like me “single malt whisky”). Talk to people – they love hearing why your in their country and they’ll love to have a chat with you. Get some take-away and find a beach or a rock to sit on and enjoy the scenery.

My goal is to get people to slow down... and enjoy visiting the country sides, attractions and cities of Ireland and Scotland. But it is important to also enjoy the people of these two wonderful countries. The Gaelic language used in Ireland is different than the one used in Scotland, but it stems from one root. The people seem to have a commonality also. They have similar attitudes - they know how to enjoy life.

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