No Midges in Scotland???

I have had numerous people tell me that they are avoiding mid-summer Outlander Tours because they are worried about midges.  There might be midges in Scotland, but no one on any of my tours, no matter what time of year, has ever complained or even mentioned an issue with midges when I ask them for a review of their trips.

And I can tell you from personal experience, I’ve been on my Outlander Tours the beginning of June, the middle of July and the beginning of August, and I have never been bothered by midges.  Have I seen them? Yes, a couple.  And only once did I choose to move inside – it was at dusk and I was at a table at the edge of water at a B&B that is not part of the tour.

The tour guides from Inverness Tours who are the drivers and guides for the Outlander Immersion & Redoux tours do carry insect repellent in their vans – but I’ve never even seen them use it (although they do give it to you to take along on your walk when you visit Glen Affric).  The guides are careful about not letting midges in the van.

I have posted a question on my facebook page to people who have gone on the tours to get their input on whether they were bothered by midges or not.

I can understand why you would be worried about it when you see stories like this: Pesky Midges cause chaos across Scotland

But at the bottom it says:  “Midges thrive on still, humid conditions and are most active at dawn and dusk and the so-called ‘midge season’ runs from May to September in Scotland. ”

That’s a good reason to go in June  or July because dawn in the Scottish Highlands, on summer solstice in Inverness, is 3:06 am – that is an hour when most of us are under the covers or searching for our eye shades.  Dusk in Inverness (11:31 pm on June 20, 2019) is when you’re in a pub or back in bed.

The midges are out from May to early October, so there is no sense in trying to plan your Outlander Tour around the midges.  High summer can be busy but the sun is out longer so there are pluses and minuses to each season.

If you have questions about midges or the advantages and disadvantages of different dates, please give me a call or send me an email or use my contact page.