It's Celtic Time!

A boutique travel agency

providing trips & tours to Ireland & Scotland.

About Celtic Time

Celtic Time is a division of American Holiday Planner LLC and created to cater to the needs of travelers interested defining their perfect trip to Ireland and/or Scotland.

Celtic Time and American Holiday Planner LLC are owned and operated by Kathie Snyders.

About Kathie - your Celtic Travel Agent

Kathie is has been to Ireland and Scotland so she knows the various modes of travel to the countries, between the countries and inside the countries, as well as places to not miss and places to avoid (at least at certain times).

Kathie is a full service Travel Agent, Tourism Ireland Ireland Specialist, CIE Tours Ireland Expert .

Plus she is International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN) Accredited.


  • I received a very nice letter (yes, he took the time to write an actual letter) from a gentleman who elected to go on the Outlander Immersion tour with his daughter and her friends. He said I could use his text on my website. In the leter he wrote:

    The Outlander Immersion Tour you organized in concert with Hugh Allison was spectacular. Hugh is a highly Professional tour Guide and knowledgeable historian. He conducted the most interesting and exciting tour I have ever been on. His knowledge of Scotland and its history was phenomenal. His wit and charm made every day and exciting, entertaining journey. He took us to places that large tours would not be able to accommodate. Also, each day he found a delightful local restaurant to satisfy our mid-day dining pleasure. Some of these restaurants would not be able to accommodate a large tour.

    The trip was filled with the most varied things that it would be hard not to satisfy most tourists. As a bonus, everyone on the tour got along beautifully which made our time in Scotland so special. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we are considering a return trip in a couple of years.
  • Kathie - I would not even consider going to Ireland and/or Scotland without getting you involved! The trip Kathy and I took was so effortless and so very enjoyable, I can't imagine letting anyone else handle the arrangements.
  • The Scottish Highlands were stunningly beautiful in July when I traveled there this year with a small group (7 people plus one amazing guide) on the Outlander Immersion tour. Seeing the Outlander film locations was "frosting on the cake." Overall, it was one of the best trips I have ever taken!
  • Your help with our trip to Ireland and the Outlander Immersion tour was beyond expectations. We could not have had a more wonderful time. Thank your for your hard work and care. We cannot thank you enough.
  • You've done a wonderful job with this tour...everyone in the group really "fits" and gets along nicely...I've definitely met some new friends and I think the pace is perfect as Ian has allowed us a wee bit of time to shop along the way too.
  • You take such good care of us! Thank you. I still regret I will not meet you in person. But, each day, I will be thinking “this is good because Kathie takes such good care of us!” Of course I will recommend you to others.
  • We are delighted with the tour and would recommend it to anyone. Five stars!
  • I can't believe all that you are doing. You amaze me! Thank you for all your great information and constant watching out for us. I tell everyone I know about you and your company. I only hope some will heed our suggestions.
  • "Kathie thank you for everything, you are doing a fantastic job and I can just sit back and enjoy this trip. THANKS"

  • Thank you again for all of your help. I know that were are a high maintenance group, and all of your help is truly appreciated."

  • "You have done a great job with this itinerary, [my wife] will love it. I am also excited by the photos of Scotland included with your picture of the bag - really looking forward to this trip for myself and [my wife]. Thanks again. ...
    Once again, thank you for your efforts here, this will really be a special adventure."

  • "A day doesn't go by that I don't think back and smile remembering the beautiful beyond words sights, sounds of Scotland. Good company made it that more memorable. Thank you all!!!"

  • "Didn't we see such truly awesome sights? I will never forget them, nor our very special tour together. It was truly a dream come true."

  • "I should have added that the key thing you offered was personal communication, care and support!"

  • "Thanks as ever- we are having a great time and you are getting high marks from everyone!"

  • "You really are good at this and clearly this is your passion. Made me want to hop on a plane straight away."

  • "Fabulous information you have supplied. Thank you."

  • From a client who brought is family to the US: "We would like to thank you for the itinerary you had put together for us. Everything went off very well. The kids too had a great time. Hotels and the tours were great.
    Special mention on the Spiderman show which was fantastic - the seats were a great selection.
    We would be happy to recommend you to any of our friends planning a trip to the US.
    Many people were amazed that we had managed to cover the depth and breadth of the vast US with your help.

    It was time well spent planning with you."